Yoga isn't one size fits all.

What resonates with you?

*Important note: Feel free to start anywhere! Our classes differ in pace, volume (music), temperature and postures. When choosing a class, whether you are new or experienced, choose using your nature, mood or evEN your sense of adventure! You cannot go wrong. Our teachers are trained to help meet you at your level. We are thrilled you are checking out our classes and more importantly getting your ass to one! Namaste, CP

The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing tastes so sweet! This class consists of slower gentle stretches and moves that will opEN, relax and calm both body and mind in a non-heated room (not cold). This is the perfect class for beginners, recovery, pre and post natal, and anyone looking to melt away ENto their SOUL! Come try the sweetness for yourself;) 

Energy level: Chill

Difficulty: Mild

Pace: Slow

Temp: No heat

Rock ENSoul

Rock EnSoul is a vinyasa inspired flow style class that ENcorporates physically dynamic and challenging flows with upbeat music in a heated room. The flows are initially directed at least two times through while there is also time allotted to flow through a couple of rounds on your own. This class will rock your soul both ENside and out! 

Energy level: High

Difficulty: As easy or demanding as you make it

Pace: Upbeat

Temp: 90 degrees 


Soulful is a fully directed slower paced yet challENging class done with eyes closed in a heated room. While the music and vibe are more chill, you will still get a great workout and an even better work EN! This class style is well suited for newer yogis, as you will have enough time to get ENto the postures and find your way! 

Energy level: Chill to minor thrill

Difficulty: Moderate and above

Pace: Slow

Temp: 84-86 degrees  


EnFuse is a delicious fuse of Rock EnSoul and Soulful. This upbeat class begins with a couple of spiced up sun salutation flows igniting ENternal heat. The rest of the class is fully directed so you won’t have to remember anything! Our most well rounded class and a great way to ENtroduce yourself to Rock EnSoul

Energy level: Mid-range

Difficulty: As easy or demanding as you make it

Pace: Brisk at times

Temp: 86-88 degrees 

EnSoul Train

This class is a physically ENvigorating heart pumping wild RIDE! We shake our tails and give our body a tune up by moving in many different ways. EnSoul Train was born from yoga flows, chunks of bootcamp exercises and functional interval training. The music is ROWDY and the room is heated.

Energy level: High

Difficulty: Demanding but also ENergizing

Pace: Fast

Temp: 90 degrees