Meet our newest teachers

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Paskel Life & Teacher Training as well as the EnSoul Yoga Mentorship Program

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Lindsay Madison

Lindsay Madison initially came to her yoga mat to combat vertigo and regain a sense of balance after a partial hearing loss. Quickly, she became addicted to the calm that an hour of mindful breathing brought to her life. This calm and the growing strength of her body motivated Lindsay to commit to a personal daily practice, which lead to the completion of CorePower Yoga, Chicago’s teacher training program. The following year, Lindsay became certified by the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) – continuing her education with a focus on personal connection and making the practice of yoga accessible to everyone.  

When Lindsay moved to Michigan a few years ago she found an incredible yogi community in the metro Detroit area. One fateful day, at an outdoor yoga class 5 blocks from her home, she met Caren Paskel, who shared the heart and EnSoul of a new studio she was opening and Lindsay knew it was aligned with her purpose. She is thrilled to be a part of the EnSoul Mentorship Program and join the team of talented teachers at this dynamic studio.  

Her classes incorporate a mix of physical cues, hands on adjustments and swadhyaya (self-study); creating a fun, safe environment for students to play. A lifelong artist and healer, Lindsay encourages students to be present for their lives each moment, listen to their bodies and enjoy the journey of their personal practice – both on and off the mat.