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Paskel Life & Teacher Training as well as the EnSoul Yoga Mentorship Program


Sarah Schjoneman


I began practicing yoga while in College in Minnesota. I was working at a Holistic Clinic, and a coworker coerced me into a 6am class. Things have never been the same for me since. 

I’ve always been a fan of movement, studying and practicing dance from a very young age. I’ve been amazed at the way the human body moves for as far back as I can remember; but adding breath and mindfulness to the practice of movement opened up a whole new experience for me. An experience that almost ten years later has led me through two teacher trainings -including a 200RYT, two mentorships including one in NYC with a focus on alignment and sequencing, and countless workshops ranging from a focus on Ayurveda to Chakras to Anatomy. 

My yoga experience has also taken me to Mexico, Croatia, and even on a stint living in Morocco where I had the honor of sharing the gift of teaching and learning.

Currently I am enrolled in EnSoul Yoga Mentorship Program. I am excited to continue my education, bring my past and present experience to ESY, and grow as a teacher and student in this beautiful, healthy, safe and loving environment.