Caren Paskel’s introverted and creative personality steered her to yoga at the young age of sixteen. 

Naturally an artist, Caren applied her skills at the well established Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, where she received her BFA in 2002. Studying art while practicing yoga under many well-acclaimed teachers catapulted her into teaching yoga at the age of nineteen.

Following graduation, Caren completed a Yoga Teacher Training course in Maya Tulum, Mexico. Subsequently she was offered a full time teaching position at Center For Yoga in her hometown of West Bloomfield.

In 2004, Caren aided in establishing a yoga studio with her brother, Eric Paskel, original founder and previous owner of Yoga Shelter, that grew to eight locations over the last eleven years.

Caren has attended innumerable yoga classes, conferences, and educational workshops around the country. Currently she co-facilitates Life and Teacher Training twice a year with Eric Paskel.

Caren managed and directed the teachers at five Yoga Shelter studios for many years. Completing Yoga Medics provided her with the knowledge to work with disabled and injured clients. Educated in Holistic Nutrition, she consults/coaches individually and leads workshops that aid in healthy living.

Within a year of opening, Caren was introduced to Vedanta, a philosophy for practical living and spiritual evolution, and the base of all religion and yoga teachings.

Adopting and prescribing to spiritual disciplines, Caren had the courage to detach from her unhealthy marriage and deal with her issues around food and body image that stemmed from childhood. Shedding all anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, ADHD, and sleep medications, she adopted an earth friendly diet, while working for a higher cause rather than a selfish one. As a result of living her life according to Vedanta, she has gained more objectivity, contentment, joy, calmness, clarity, optimal health, stronger relationships, and leadership skills.

Along with teaching regular weekly studio classes, and working with private yoga clients, she leads a weekly Vedanta study group and maintains a daily study between 5 and 6am.

She recently studied at Vedanta Academy, for the second year in a row, under her guru, Swami Parthasarathy and his daughter Sunandaji, in India for over a month to further her spiritual education.

For Caren, yoga is not a job or just a way to shape up the body; it is an attitude, a purpose and the only way to live. She says, “It is my inherent nature to continue to develop, improve, and educate myself in order to serve, spread and share the love with others. The soul is who we are, EnSoul is where we practice!”

“Your home therefore should be the center and not the boundary of your affection.”