Carrie lee


I can't say I fell in love with yoga from the start, but my inner voice kept saying it was good for me and I kept showing up. Since my travel soccer days had long passed I was initially looking for a new workout routine. I was delighted to find this and a group of welcoming, loving students and teachers. The teachers sprinkled in words of wisdom into their classes that challenged me think a different way. I looked forward to not just a great physical workout, but also to something to chew on for the day or the week. EnSoul quickly grew to become a supportive community and a second home for me.

I first took Life & Teacher Training in 2017 with Caren & Eric Paskel. This training provided me with a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and friendships. I've now taken this training three times! Each experience has been incredibly unique as I've been in a different place physically, mentally, and spiritually and it's been shared with a different group of people. I keep showing up for myself through my studies, practice, and trainings because there is always a need for inner reflection and continual growth. Most recently I decided to begin teaching to share this passion with the community. Wherever you are on your path I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Favorite songs:

Kind & Generous by Natalie Merchant

Sun by Jónsi

Hoppipolla by Sigur Rós

For him in vain the envious seasons roll
Who bears eternal summer in his soul.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.