Dawn Marie

My first Yoga class with Caren Paskel - scared the crap out of me. It pushed me way outside of my comfort zone and made me feel soooooo weird..& I returned the next day for another class!!!!!

Honestly I have always stayed right in the familiar - even if it sucked - at least I knew what to expect....right?!?!? but I don't want to do that anymore -- who wants to waste the limited...precious time we have here on this planet....not me -- not anymore!!!

When introduced to doing yoga the "Paskel" way I felt something I either had not felt or could not remember feeling ever before.....right at the edge..the edge of discovering not who I "could be" but who I actually am....what I can do ...what I can be a part of!!

....I am still on this journey of discovery and am totally blessed to be part of a group that will ignite an "awakening" in OUR community!



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We canot solve our problems with the same way of thinking we used to create them
— Albert Einstein