Essential Oil Classes

DONNA PRENTICE for DoTerra Essential oils


My name is Donna Prentice, and I am proud to be a Wellness Advocate for DoTerra Essential Oil company!  I am thrilled and honored to be in a position to teach and share DoTerra’s essential oils with so many!

My first degree and career was in the culinary field.  I was a Cook and Chef for 20 years, working in high-end restaurants, and privately for many families.  I also graduated from Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield, Michigan with a massage therapy degree.  One of my electives in massage school was in Aromatherapy.   I practiced massage for 7 years using many different brands and sources of essential oils.

My whole life changed when I was introduced to DoTerra’s essential oils.  The samples I had been given worked immediately to relieve my symptoms, and I was compelled to take a closer look.  

When I started researching DoTerra and their sourcing and purity standards, I was blown away.  I participated in DoTerra’s international convention in Salt Lake City for the last two years.  I  listened to hours and hours of science, botany, and research-studies.  There were lectures by medical doctors, US military veterans, Veterinarians, Psychiatrists, University Professors and The Aromatic Plant Research Center at these conventions.   I then traveled to Prague, Czech Republic in November, 2018, with 50 DoTerra Wellness Advocates to study essential oils by the experts.  I decided to commit to a life-long study of these Gifts of the Earth and to share their health-supporting benefits with as many people as possible.

DoTerra’s essential oils have supported me and my family with all of our heath concerns over the last two years.  I have so many incredible examples of their powerful benefits but my favorite testimonial comes from my husband.  After being hit by a drunk driver in 1994, my husband has suffered with chronic nerve pain and a myriad of debilitating symptoms over the years.  His symptoms have improved immensely, and he has found relief with use of DoTerra’s essential oils and supplements. 

I look forward to meeting you all at EnSoul and I hope to interest you in sampling and learning about DoTerra and their beautiful essential oils from around the world!