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Charivari Festival CP and DJ Godfather 10am!

If you put together all the sounds in the entire universe it would be a universal one that is represented by OM. Despite all of our differences, all that really separates us is our outer layers... What unites us is our inner layers. Charivari celebrates our uniqueness through various music, sounds,and its delivery. Yoga celebrates the human spirit, our SOUL, who we are behind the material layers. When we are able to come together and connect through our differences that is called UNION or YOGA. "Let yourself go" only means to let your little self go, in order to reach something within us all that is higher. That is growth, that is love that is Charivari meets yoga. 


Caren Paskel will be leading the day of yoga events off at 10am with DJ Godfather! Tickets are available at use the promo code CPELECTRIC to receive a processing discount.