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Vedanta Study Group

Join us at EnSoul Yoga the first Sunday of every month for a 45-minute discussion and reading of Vedanta philosophy. No sign up, no cost, no excuse! Just show up and bring an open mind and heart. Bring this book if you have it!

Vedanta Study Group: 

What is Vedanta?

Veda means knowledge and anta means end. Vedanta is the culmination of knowledge, an ancient indian philosophy that breaks down and answers life's fundamental questions. This philosophy holds the eternal values of life, provides a manual for living and enables both mental peace and dynamic action in the world. With an ability to think clearly one is able to handle any life challenge and change and also spiritually evolve. 


What to expect and benefit from group:

  • Practice and learn systematic effective approach of study 
  • Break down of non-religions philosophy
  • Opportunity for questions and clarifications
  • Interactive group
  • Thinking becomes more clear
  • Mind becomes calmer
  • Actions more meaningful
  • Life's questions unfold


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