EnSoul Yoga Mentorship Program 

EnSoul Yoga Mentorship Program (EYMP) is an opportunity for yoga teachers to develop their skills and deepEN their knowledge of yoga through personal study, reflection, feedback and practice under the guidance of an experienced EnSoul Yoga trained teacher mentor.

EYMP provides a unique experience in continuing education. Over the course of 1-3 months and 25-50+ hours, depending on each individual and their needs, you will be guided through an in-depth study of Vedanta philosophy and ESY style and brand of teaching. You will be paired with a mentor who will challenge, support, and inspire you to reach a higher level of living and teaching. When we are around a good quality yoga ENvironment, community and staff the effects are powerful!

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This mentorship program aids those who have gone through a minimum of a 200 hour RYT certified yoga training, have a desire to learn our style and brand of teaching, evolve as a teacher, and move towards a teaching position at EnSoul Yoga and its various locations. While our mentorship program is designed to get you ready to teach at EnSoul Yoga, it does not guarantee you a teaching position.


EYMP is included in our 200 RYT Paskel Life and Teacher Training. If you have completed another teacher training and would like to participate in our Teacher Mentoring Program, the fee is $650. Please email caren@ensoulyoga.com expressing your interest and fill out the application.

  • There may be a work trade option in certain circumstances.


Self Study: Learning the basics of Vedanta, the philosophy of life and living, from The Fall of the Human Intellect. 15 hrs (30 minutes a day 1 month)

  • You will be coached on how to study and send all questions or clarifications to studio owner Caren Paskel once a week if needed.

Observing: ESY instructed classes 5-10 hrs (must attend all class styles).

  • You are ENcouraged to attend classes led by different instructors and may talk with them after class to go over any questions or observations you may have.

Study and Review: ESY class components/guidelines and master flows (hours may vary)

Yoga Practice: (minimum 10 hrs)

  • You are required to practice two ESY classes per week, either both with your mentor or a second with a any other ESY instructor.

  • An unlimited membership to EnSoul Yoga for the duration of your mentorship is included in the cost of the program.

Mentorship Check EN’s:  

  • You will meet with your mentor once per week for a check EN. These sessions will be structured to outline your goals and objectives and discuss your progress. You may also be given reading and writing assignments. Hours may vary.

  • Feedbacks with mentor include; Soulful, EnFuse and Rock EnSoul style classes. (4-5 hours)

Final Feedback: With owner of EnSoul Yoga Caren Paskel. (1-2 hrs)

  • If and when passed you will be considered for a teaching position at EnSoul Yoga.


  • This unique program can start at any time to coordinate with the availability of both teacher EN training and ESY mentor.


  • This program is open to those who:

    • Have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program (or equivalent)

    • Registered interest to caren@ensoulyoga.com and complete application below

    • Currently practice at EnSoul Yoga or who are known to ESY teaching team


  • All of our main ESY teachers are leaders and well equipped to mentor. Requests for a specific mentor will be evaluated to ENsure that you are paired with a mentor who will best serve your objectives.


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If you have any questions or to register your interest, please contact: caren@ensoulyoga.com  

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