200 Hour Life & Teacher Training 2019

Ferndale, MI

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Are all yoga trainings the same? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Training should not be viewed as one-style fits all. You have to find the right program for YOU! Let us help you stand out from the herd.

Ask what you are seeking. Then reflect on the points below to help guide your choice.

Training with Caren Paskel and Eric Paskel is DIFFERENT!

We aren’t looking to win a popularity contest just to fill the room. Our training focuses on the skills needed for LIFE. And with those skills, you may choose to become a true teacher by sharing your experiences. The methodology is firmly based upon timeless philosophy that creates an avenue for personal growth and self development.

Life Training and or Teacher Training is a good fit for you:

  • If you know a certificate is not the qualification to be a good teacher

  • If you want to stand tall with your head held high moving forward in life

  • If you want to strengthen your mind in addition to your body

  • If you want to speak in a way that is relatable, accessible and impactful

  • If you want to teach authentically as yourself

  • If you want to connect to students on a deep level

  • If you are interested in self development and personal growth

    Life Training and or Teacher Training may not be the right fit for you:

    • If you believe a certification of hours makes you a qualified yoga instructor

    • If you want to stand on your head more than your own two feet

    • If you think yoga postures will change your mental state

    • If you want to learn and speak Sanskrit

    • If you want to teach cookie cutter style classes

    • If you believe students only want a workout

If Life Training and/or Teacher Training with Caren Paskel and Eric Paskel sounds right for you, let’s connect to make that happEN!

Registrations now being accepted for Fall Life Training & Teacher Training. Classes begin October 11th.

Scholarships and Financing plans are available. Do not let $ be an impediment we will work with you!

Life Training will take place on Friday, October 11th from 7am-9pm, Saturday and Sunday, October 12th and 13th from 10am-5pm. Teacher training will take place the following three weekends. The weekends of October 17th-20th, and 24th-27th will be on Thursdays 5-9pm, and Friday through Sunday from 9am-9pm. The final day of teacher training will be November 2nd from 1-5pm.

There is an option to just take Life Training the first weekend for those who are interested in this educational and life enhancing program who may not be interested in teaching yoga.

In this 200 Hour training you will:

  • Partake in lectures on the entire scope of Yoga Philosophy and practice.

  • Experience exploration exercises that challenge lifelong belief patterns.

  • Learn Yoga postures, proper alignment, modifications, sequencing and basic anatomy.

  • Develop better relationships and communication skills.

  • Learn how to connect with your audience, messaging in class and music management

  • Experience intimate sharing circles for personal growth and development.

  • Learn how to eat in a way that makes sense for you body but in the least harming way.

  • Develop your ability to think clearly, logically and make better decisions every moment of your life.

  • Meet quality like minded individuals on a similar path and develop friendships that are meaningful, supportive and lasting.

  • Get to know, learn and connect with EnSoul Yoga staff on a deeper level.

For more info: info@ensoulyoga.com


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