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Joy Van Bael offers 18 years of experience in the Healing Arts. Her mission is to provide a quiet and serene space where one can fully relax and unwind. What she loves most about the Healing Arts is learning how to help others notice tension patterns in the body and helping others by restoring a strong sense of balance and inner peace. 

Joy offers many different Massage Therapy techniques with the ultimate goal of bringing one back to wholeness and heart connection. In this state, our bodies are capable of miraculous self healing! Joy values continued learning. She is a graduate of Irene's Myomassology Institute 600 hour program and is Certified in Cranio Sacral Therapy and Myofascial Release. Growing up with hippy parents, she was instilled a love and respect for nature, prayer, and a ritual of daily massage, energy/aura sweeping, chakra balancing, star gazing, and pranic healing.  

She is a mother of two bright, sassy, and resilient humans who teach her a little about the power and force of love and gratitude. She is a morning bird who loves long distance running, leaping into cool bodies of water, dark chocolate, fancy coffee, and being sloth-like.



  • One hour massage $75
  • 90 minute massage $110
  • Two hour massage with Hawaiian Sea Salt Scrub $150
  • Organic Rose Essential Facial with neck and shoulder massage 90 minutes $110
  • Mini facial 30 minutes $45
  • Herbal Goddess Retreat 2 hour Massage with an Herbal Tincture and Tea to take home $150
  • Deep Tissue Massage One Hour, $75.00
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy One Hour, $75.00

Alternatively, you may contact Joy at (586) 944-3395 to schedule