Yoga is a magical exploration of expression. Personally, when I am practicing I feel the most confident, comfortable and creative – it’s when I feel closest to myself. I first came to yoga in my mid 20’s when a friend encouraged me to meet her at a church every Friday evening. The kindest group of people took turns teaching classes and introduced me to the basics. I connected with the calm and wanted more. Soon after, I completed my teacher training in 2007 and I have been teaching ever since.

The coolest part about being a yoga teacher is that I am always a student. When teaching, I follow the vibe of the room & hope everyone feels as if they are at a really fantastic party that is feeding their soul. Recently, I lived in Mexico to teach yoga. There was a special kind of anticipation wrapped around waiting to see who would come to my class. Even if I didn’t speak the same language, the shared experience created a feeling of community.

I am so elated to be immersed in the EnSoul Yoga community and also excited to experience first hand what we build together. Along with traveling, I also super love books, writing, coffee and animals. I am one of the owners of Rock & Roll Prep School, a performance based music school that encourages kids to discover their awesomeness. I think life, like yoga, should be a playful adventure.



A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.
— Frank Zappa