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Hello and welcome to EnSoul Yoga:

As a new student, it is important that you understand yoga is not about immediate gratification. It is about long term transformation. EnSoul Yoga will help you achieve permanent results coming from your steady, consistent effort, rather than from promising you immediate changes that disappear as fast as they appear.

Wherever you are physically and mentally is the perfect place to start. We move at our own pace and learn that "keeping up" isn't "growing up"! You will not like everything about a class, nor will it all feel good (sorry). But you must know that growth comes through discomfort. It comes from challenge (we did not make up the rules).

We promise, if you show up to class 3x per week

(There is nothing in the world that we can become proficient in without practicing multiple times per week)

 You will experience a profound change, not only to your body, but to your overall well being.



All our classes are catered to every level

All our classes are catered to every level

- Your eating habits will change. Not only will you eat the proper quantities, but your food choices will change as well.

- Your relationships will strengthen. The relationships that you have that are healthy will become healthier. The ones that are harmful will no longer hurt you! You will gain a suzerainty over all of them.

- Your sleep patterns will improve. That is to say, you will fall asleep faster. Your sleep will be uninterrupted and you will awake feeling more rested, refreshed and ready to meet the day.

- You will have more energy with less stress!

- You will smile more:)

- You will not hold on to resentments and you will easily forgive.

- Your body will become supple and toned.

- Wherever you are and whomever you are with, you will be comfortable in your own skin.

These are just a few of the hundreds of proven benefits yoga has to offer.

All for just a few hours of your time a week. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Join us today!

EnSouYoga, plug EN 2 your SOUL!

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