Our Story

If you think you're perfect or you want to be perfect... this studio is not for you.

EnSoul Yoga is a community of people pursuing health, authenticity, joy, and truth. It's not about getting your foot behind your head so much as getting your head out of your ass! What we mean is we practice yoga to connect with our authentic truth. To practice yoga at EnSoul is to join a community of seekers on the journey back to themselves. You'll get a kick-ass workout on the way there too!

For those of us that already have a connection or are just joining EN for the first time, the name says it all! Ensoul means to place or cherish in the soul. EnSoul Yoga is our tribe of soul seekers. We are electric, alive, awake, powerful and radiant. We are soulful, wise, boundless, limitless and heartfelt. The sweat, music, laughs, love and our intentions light up the room. We are EnSoulgi's plugging EN 2 our SOUL'S and greatness!


The Birth Of EnSoul

EnSoul is Plugging EN 2 your SOUL...

I knew there was something missing in my life. I remain dedicated and determined to find and connect to that pure, immaculate, untouched and untainted essence within myself, my soul.

Yoga helps me do that every day. I teach yoga all over metro Detroit. I also teach in Los Angeles California and internationally.

When my brother, Eric Paskel, founded Yoga Shelter in 2004, I found my home. I became the head teacher, director of teacher development, and co-facilitator of Life and Teacher Training. I loved working for a company whose vision and mission lined up with my life’s path. However, in 2015, changes occurred that made it impossible for me to call Yoga Shelter my home any longer. My relationship with the studio ended.

Many other people also ended their involvement with the studio. But no one wanted to stop their soul from shining. My brother had moved to California and was busy rebuilding his studio. I was here in Michigan and I knew my truth. It was my turn to open a studio. It scared me. I never ran a business. It would be so much easier for me to join someone else’s studio. Nonetheless, I knew I could not compromise who I am because of fear. I am clear about carrying the torch in Michigan. I am terrified, yet empowered by the years I have trained for this moment.  

Now the moment is ready for me! I found a location and signed a lease. After a few months of building and landlord issues we had to walk away… That was rough. Holding my head high and never giving up, the search for a home base resumed. Ferndale, a city bursting with organic energy and endless potential drew me in. Finally, I have landed my dream space.

210 W. 9 mile Rd. Ferndale is home sweet home!

We are right smack in the heart of downtown, in the middle of the main strip, with a giant public parking lot!

Welcome to all who want a place to not worry about being perfect.

Welcome to all who want to be a community and not a customer.

Welcome to all who want to grow from the inside outward.

Welcome to all who want to stand on their feet more than their hands.

Welcome to all who want to shape and develop their minds and intellects, as well as their bodies.

Welcome to those who are truly interested in their soul.

Welcome to EnSoul Yoga!