Personalized Self Development

WiTh Caren Paskel

Each individual is constituted with a different proportion of qualities and characteristics. This makes for variety within humanity. It also demands a different plan of action for each person’s self development! One size does not fit all. If that were the case, we would all be happy and peaceful with one prescription! In Caren Paskel’s Personalized Self Development sessions each individual, their nature and life goals will be assessed. From this information, there will be instruction and a plan for specific eternal values by which to live. Caren will help you become stronger over weaknesses: physical, mental, intellectual or spiritual. You will be able to catapult to a higher level of living. No matter what the challenges, a unique personalized prescription will be created!

Guiding, teaching and educating on life comes naturally to me. I am experienced working with small and big groups, classes and private clients. Every setting has a vibe and energy. This is about YOU not me!

Most of us are wandering and seeking a meaningful life. (That’s what I did for the first 25 years of mine!) We make choices based on emotions and preferences rather than sound reasoning. We follow others and do not learn how to think for ourselves. (I did this as well and ended up divorced, body and food obsessed with all sorts of mental disorders and extreme health issues.) We are inundated with information and absolutely no instruction for application! We are experts on everything and everyone but still miserable and unhappy. We become irritated and unmotivated in our jobs and relationships. We continue to keep moving but without direction. Most of us shop and accumulate things including degrees and education… and we are still unfulfilled. There is no blame. We were never properly educated on HOW TO LIVE. Does this sound familiar? If so, I am here to help.

Personalized Self Development with Caren Paskel is a one-month program limited to four clients! Significant energy is devoted to each client. As COY of the EnSoul Yoga studio, leading self development study groups, special workshops, training programs, speaking events and taking care of her family, Caren knows limits and honors them. She will help you do the same!

  • $799 includes four individual private sessions, email contact, and support throughout the month.

    • Week one: One-hour individualized evaluation in person or over the phone.

      • A self-evaluation form will be completed prior to meeting.

    • Week two: One-hour personalized education on higher values and life skills.

    • Week three: Personalized Self Development Prescription to live your life!

      • This will be a document emailed or printed so that you won’t lose it!

    • Week Four: Questions, continued education and final adjustments to your prescription.

● One on one sessions are also available at $150/ hour