I had tried yoga in the past, and liked the movement, but felt uncomfortable with the amount of people crammed into each class and the vibe from different studios. Living in Ferndale, I was excited to see that Caren Paskel was opening up a studio in my hometown. I bought a Groupon with my sister, and we started going to EnSoul about once a week. I quickly noticed that once a week, just did not seem to be enough. It was the first form of fitness that I felt both invigorated and relaxed when I came home. The studio is lovely for a lot of reasons, but one of the things I noticed is that everyone takes the time to learn your name. Every time I went to class, I felt that the message of the class was directly for me. One day, when I walked through the door and my husband commented – Wow, you look so happy! That hit home, I had found a place that challenged my body and my mind each and every class. I practiced at EnSoul for around 2 years, and wanted to continue growing my yoga practice. I signed up for Local Life and Teacher Training in November 2018. When I walked in on that first day, I knew this was going to change my life. However I had no idea what I was getting into. During Life and Teacher Training, you get challenged more and more each day. While you learn a lot about yoga, you really learn a lot about yourself. I loved Caren and Eric’s approach to giving “tough love”. We all have some people in our lives that encourage negative behaviors or thoughts. Caren and Eric try to raise your thoughts, and challenge your perceptions. With Life and Teacher Training, we had to dig deep into ourselves, and question our thoughts/misconceptions. I learned the spiritual practices of yoga, physical alignments, and how to communicate and teach a class. Even if you don’t want to be teacher, going to Life and Teacher Training will change you. Additionally, I love the connection and relationships that were created with my yoga community by going to LTT. I just want to thank EnSoul for being a DIFFERENT type of Yoga.
— Amanda Alanouf
Today I was able to return to my job after being gone for more than a year and a half. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for EnSoul Yoga and the Life Training program I would not be able to do this. I was so engulfed in fear and poor self esteem I couldn’t even imagine ever returning to the work I love. But the community at EnSoul really has empowered me. The teachings are so enriching and encouraging. I know I have a LONG way to go but this step of having the courage to return to work and look to the future with hope is a true blessing. Thanks for all you do. I truly appreciate you and what you’ve created at EnSoul.

ps: I would love for you to share my story. I’m growing so much because of your training and one of the most important things I’ve learned is that our lives should be lives of service and that there are different branches of yoga! So thankful for the opportunity to do some karma yoga.
It’s so funny how I moved from coming to class so I could get into poses and now I come with anticipation for the talk. Something that I need and can carry with me. The higher knowledge is such a life changer! I have a VERY long way to grow but I can feel the heaviness lifting.
— Always a Humble Warrior, Fern
Just a few years ago my life was a mess and I could never have imagined leading a yoga class, let alone speaking in front of people. I battled a list of addictions, didn’t know myself at all, lacked discipline and was extremely unhappy. I was always looking for answers outside of myself.
One of the best decisions I ever made was to do EnSoul Yoga’s Life and Teacher training in Mexico with Caren and Eric. Being that I was in a time of MAJOR transition, I had no idea where I was going to get the money, but I knew I had to do this in order to take a positive step in a direction that would transform my life. Shortly before this, I took a huge risk and left a corporate job that was taking all the life out of me, sold some of my personal belongings and picked up some extra shifts at the studio all while starting a full time job. Hard work and dedication really do pay off because I made it to Mexico and will never regret making this investment in myself!
Having really no previous background with yoga I fell in love with not just the physical practice, but the philosophy as well. I’ve been able to get out of my own head and become someone I never thought was possible. My mission is to help others do the same! I’m ever so grateful for the loving and inspiring community that EnSoul provides because it has helped me to turn from follower into leader and develop unbelievable physical and mental strength. I highly recommend this program if you’re looking to make a positive impact on yourself and be a light for those around you!
— Yelena Crawford
So I’ve been waiting to write this review and I’m so excited to share! I joined EnSoul Yoga exactly 6 months ago...and I love it! Here’s why... first and foremost i love the way I feel! Physically, mentally and spiritually my life has been enriched by making Yoga a regular and consistent part of my life. Until I joined EnSoul I had never really done Yoga before but somehow had a feeling it was gonna be my “spirit animal” of exercise and it’s been that and more! The community at EnSoul is amazing... led by a diverse group of teachers there is someone and something for everyone and every type of body. If you’ve never done Yoga before or you are a seasoned practitioner...each and every class can work for you! I’m a girl who has struggled with weight issues, really bad knees, a dislike for “working out” etc. And yet here I am typically taking 5-6 classes a week! Not only has my body changed in amazing ways my mindset has as well... I simply feel great! And I’m certain you will too! I really can’t say enough about the teachers and staff at EnSoul... I was recommended to this studio by a yoga loving friend who was a big fan of Caren (owner) and I can see why... she leads and teaches in a way that is evolved and inclusive of all the students no matter their level! I’ve taken classes with every teacher there and while I may have a fave or two or three I appreciate each one! The studio itself is warm (literally and figuratively), welcoming, lovely and convenient. Free parking before 9 and on Sundays! They offer a variety of classes that range from high energy (you will sweat) to more relaxed slower paced classes. They also offer regular workshops and special events...I joined with the “unlimited” classes per month option which also gives me discounts on those special events/workshops. This Studio is more than just a place to take a class it’s a community filled with wonderful positive energy and lots of friendly faces! Thanks EnSoul!

— Shannon A.

At this point in my life, I could rest on my laurels, enjoying the fruits of my labor. I could. But I haven’t and I won’t! I was restless still wanting to create new experiences, new challenges. Enter yoga, the Paskels; Eric and Caren, and Life/Teacher/Transformation trainings. A whole new world has opened up to me. I was tentative at first. I took baby steps, testing the waters, slowly putting into practice what I had been learning from the lectures and the group exercises, both physical and behavioral. I was challenged mentally as well as physically and loved it all. Eric is to be commended for creating such a viable, doable program; a blueprint for living, emphasizing what IS really important in life. The best part of going through the trainings is that the real ME has emerged.

Caren has continued, through her presence and knowledge, to help keep me grounded and on my toes. Yeah, I can and sometimes do take direction from the young ones.

I am in love with life!

Endless waves of transformation have brought me to this point!
— Barbara Terner

“Do yoga,” said the infertility doctor. “You need to calm down to become pregnant.”
I was willing to do anything to have a baby. So I prepared my Type A overdrive for chanting, meditating, and levitating with a tiny man in a robe.
Instead, I found myself rocking poses to Cat Stevens, The Stones, and Jay-Z. And it was hard. My legs ran over 40 miles a week. But lifting it in the air had it quivering and begging for mercy.
But I kept coming back—not because I enjoy torture. Rather, I came for the words. Caren Paskel studied the ancient teachings and had the ability to transform into everyday language and experiences. It changed my life. Yes, you read it correctly. It changed my life.
I woke up to just how unhappy I was. I was so busy just trying to survive my day I didn’t stop to think about how I was living my life. Did I want to be so stressed out? Was my job worth it? Could I be a better wife, daughter, and friend? What am I doing to my body? It was not supposed to live on a tiny amount of sleep. It was not supposed to always have a racing heart. It was not supposed to be this skinny. I told myself I was happy. But my mind and body were in misery. No wonder I couldn’t become pregnant! Who would want to live in this stressed out place for 9 months?
After my wake up call, I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing. I quit my job and pursued what I always wanted to do: writing children’s books. My debut picture book was just released and many more exciting projects are coming soon.
I would like to also say I gave birth to twins.
But I didn’t.
I adopted. And became a mother with less than 14 hours’ notice. Like any new parent, I was scared. But I knew I had Caren’s teachings.
Three months later, the doctors said my baby girl was blind. I took a deep breath and knew this was a very special call to service. My daughter is eight years old. Every day brings new challenges, but because of Caren’s teachings I can handle them.
This is what makes Caren’s studio different from all other studios. EnSoul Yoga builds your mind, not just your muscles. If I wanted a “workout” I would have just stayed at the gym. I come for the “work in.” At ESY you are not a customer, you are part of community. You come together to help each other live better lives. This is why I followed Caren since 2002. Her teachings help me deal with all the changes in my life.
When she left one studio and getting ready for ESY to open, I rediscovered how much I needed Caren’ teachings and the love she fosters in class. This is why I always tried to attend her pop-ups and whenever and wherever she taught class.
So join ESY if you want a strong mind. Get that into shape and I’m sure you will also have a tight tush. Joining might even change your life.
— Lisa Chottiner

After reaching new levels of stress from work and my highest weight, I was afraid that getting in shape and enjoying a happy balanced life were silly, unrealistic dreams. I was lucky to have a friend bring me to a class with Caren Paskel just for fun. That first class completely changed my perceptions of what yoga was. Not only did I get a killer workout, I actually had so much fun, I was completely in love. The benefits started with losing weight, but spilled into every part of my life. I soaked up all the wisdom and lessons possible in classes and found myself growing into a more balanced and patient person. I wasn’t held back by the fears from my past and was able focus on better dreams for the future. Even with a full time job, I jumped into Life and Teacher Training with Caren Paskel and made time for every workshop or lecture possible. Every minute spent in practice has been exponentially rewarding, improving my relationships in love, family, friendship and business. I am so thankful to have met such inspiring teachers and look forward to seeing EnSoul Yoga continue to prosper with their energy and love.
— Sarah Gailey
Long time client and big fan of Ensoul yoga, you and your team!

I wanted to say THANK YOU....Ensoul has been a Godsend to me for little over a year now. I first started there because my doctor said it would help my back, which it for sure has. The thing is, it has also helped my mind and my soul...it has gotten me through a job I left after 6 years that was stressing me out - I got through the stress with yoga. More recently it has been getting me past a breakup and what was a pretty toxic relationship. It was only 4 months but the affect on my mind and soul has been a bit much. It’s now been a month since the break and I had to force myself to get out of bed and get to yoga as much as I could....still a struggle but I’m coming out of the dark.

So, thank you for providing a place for me to go and heal physically, mentally and soulfully....

I still have a way to go but I do have a new wonderful job I start in September AND I have decided to just be single for a while...taking care of ME....and knowing I deserve better in a relationship. I know my worth and who I am, no one can take that from me...BOOM!

Thank you SO much. You are doing great and I am proud of you! .... I owned my own outdoor bootcamp for women in Arizona.... I get how hard it is to own a business but also how rewarding it is....keep up the good work!

— Anonymous